We will always take time to collaborate with you about your ideas. I am a versatile tattooist who prides himself on being able to produce any style of tattooing. I like custom designs, people bring me thier ideas and we find a way to get it done. The internet is a great resource and serves as the begining point of many a cool tattoo. I will take time to answer your questions, and not make you feel like an alien for asking.
Good, solid, safe, tattooing is what you get at Empire Tattoo. I use only the best pigments and finest materials in the world.
Full autoclave sterilization, with special attention to "universal precautions" are the disciplins we apply to our work. A sterilazation log is kept and available for public viewing. Everything we use to tattoo you is opened right in front of you. No secret drawers, or back room  bullshit. We do the whole thing right in front of you.
We stand behind every tattoo that leaves the shop, free touch ups, or aftercare counseling is always a priority. You will leave the shop with tried and true aftercare instructions.
We also sell shop t-shirts and a small line of sunglasses. We are the areas only source for "KD's" the original biker shades.
We practice universal precautions against cross contamination. Our sterilization program is state of the art, powered by 2010 Tuttnauer 1730mkv autoclave sterilizer. We have a sterilization indicator strip log for anyone to see. We open all packages and needles right in front of you, no secrets at Empire, please ask any questions you might have when you come in.